Samsung Galaxy Tab Review: Great Performance

The thinnest and the lightest model-the new Samsung galaxy tab reviews the best feature of this android phone. A plastic bodied phone which comes with the android version 3.1. A button on the top, speakers and volume control buttons and the start button have it features. This comes with a 1 GHz dual core processor and a NVIDIA Tegra 2.
The system specially features dual band Wi-Fi connectivity with a 3.0 Bluetooth. It has double camera applied at both the rear end and at the front, a 2 MP front and 3 MP rear camera which works well with video calls and give quality pictures and videos. With a 1 GB RAM and a 16 GB internal memory with an expandable option, this is always on the list of the Samsung Galaxy Tab reviews.
A 1080 playback with a30 frames per second and a 10.1 display, this tablet is definitely one of the best featured devices. The camera includes a flash, a 720p recording and a auto-focus which increases the quality of still pictures. Very comfortable as you hold it in your palm, the web browser is great which supports flash. The same model comes in Wi-Fi – 16 GB and 32 GB. It works well with the processor and gives high browsing speed.
The Samsung galaxy tab reviews the battery for its back up is most important for anyone who works all day long and needs to stay connected. Nothing much about the price, though features can be compared well with the i-pad but the price is extremely well thought of. The battery runs for 9- 12 hours and with the android version of 3.1, you can download applications from the android store.
The Google apps are pre-installed and work wonderfully well. The buttons are touch sensitive and you can swap easily the tasks you are doing at work. It also works as a phone and is comparably easy to use. The Samsung galaxy tab reviews all that is present in the device. The camera system, great 7 inches display, a 3.5mm socket for ear-phones and a PC port connection which is available near the lower end of the phone.
Greatly structured, easily grip, a white cover, this phone cum tablet works greatly in favor of those who want to stay connected all day long. Working, playing games, using android applications are the best works on the Samsung tablet.
The tablet doesn’t lower your expectations by any means, a great brand, with technology which is picture clear and the latest offering in multimedia, and applications available in the online stores- can be readily done on the tablet. The display is large, big and actually nice, in seeing a video and with the light weight and slim size, it suits both the genders. The quality of sound is good, but loud noises are not to be heard on this speaker. All in all, the Samsung galaxy tab reviews it as the best performance tablet at an easy price and great features.

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